Find Replace String with Sed

Dealing with copying file and modify it's content replacing strings over and over again? Some of us uses the approach of editing files using vim then executes find and replace command.

How to Install Huawei E220 on SliTaz

My primary objective is to resurrect my old laptop (Toshiba 1065cds) using SliTaz, an open source free operating system, and have an internet connection using Sun Broadband post-paid plan.

Installing SliTaz is very easy, because it is very small, light and easy to use. But now the challenge begins, how will I able to make the modem work on my newly resurrected laptop? I've been looking over the net for 3 days and yet no solution. Not until I read efrenefren's post. Thanks man!!!

Solution for Flash Cookie Bug

Flash cookie bug can be solved by creating `.htaccess` for `uploadify.php`. .htaccess removes any authentication of uploadify.php and prevents firefox from crashing.

First, create .htaccess file within the same folder with uploadify.php.

Disable startx on Ubuntu

I was having an issue starting up my Ubuntu (installed on a VMware) on a command line instead of it's default Desktop. After some googling, I was able to solve my problem with these simple steps on how to disable startx.

First it is important you create a backup copy of your file.